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Direct billing services for Private Insurance Companies

The care of your eyes is our primary concern.
But EyePRO Optometry In Calgary was also founded to bring our customers convenience and transparency about pricing. That’s why EyePRO Optometry is one of the most experienced Insurance Direct Billing Providers in Calgary.
To maximize Customer Satisfaction, EyePRO Optometry gladly provides direct billing service for following insurance providers.

Private Insurance Companies

Most Industry Benefit Funds such as,

If you have above private health insurance, please call 403-274-0272 to schedule your Eye.

If you do not see your provider listed please contact us as we are always adding new providers.

Government/Senior benefits

Government Benefits

In Alberta, there are many benefits available that allow you to receive a “Free Eye Exam and Glasses”.
EyePRO Optometry also provides a direct billing service to the following benefits.

Social and Child Benefits

EyePRO Optometry provides direct billing to the government for Social Health Benefits (AISH) and Child Health Benefits card holders. Children under age 18 may receive new glasses every year and Social Health Benefit card holders may receive new glasses every two years.
EyePRO Optometry has prepared a special package deal for Social benefit and child benefit clients.
Please call 403-274-0272 to find out your coverage.

Refugee, IFHP (Interim Federal Health Program)

Federal government provides eye care benefits including Eye Exam & prescription glasses for Refugees. EyePRO Optometry provides direct billing to the federal government. We also prepare special package deal frames for refugee service.

Senior Benefits

Alberta Seniors over the age of 65 may be eligible to receive a new Optical Benefits from the government.
The amount of the benefit is determined by gross household income; benefits range from the maximum of $230, $115, or no coverage.
Eligible seniors may receive new eyeglasses every three years.
Now, EyePRO Optometry provides direct billing to the government for Senior Health Benefits.
Seniors may receive new glasses free of charge or pay the difference if necessary.
EyePRO Optometry has prepared a special package deal for seniors.
If you want to know more about our new senior benefits, please call 403-274-0272.

First Nations, Veterans, RCMP, and Canada Forces

EyePRO Optometry also provides direct billing service for First Nations, Veterans, RCMP, and Canada Forces.
Low Vision devices such as hand-held magnifiers, stand magnifiers, spectacle magnifiers, digital magnifier, and video magnifiers are covered by Veterans. Veterans who need low vision devices can get free at EyePRO Optometry.

Again, EyePRO Optometry is one of the most experienced Direct Billing Providers in Calgary.
If you have any type of Health Insurance, just call 403-274-0272.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

"The best optometry and optician ever! Got a new eye glasses from here and got a perfect vision now! Thanks for your kindness and professional work and effort for me!" 
  - Sean Park

"Excellent service in every way - the doctors were very helpful and explained everything very well to me. I had gone in for contacts and the time and care I received was exceptional and then I also needed new glasses and looked at many different kinds. Thank you very much everyone at EyePRO and I would recommend this location to anyone. The hours they work are excellent as well :)"
  - Liz Dorren

"Thorough well explained checkup. Attentive staff" 
  - Ilyas

"Joseph was great, very helpful and won’t rush you into choosing the right eyewear for you. Will definitely come back here."
  - Stan T.

"The doctor really tries to help you pick the best pair of glasses."
  - Natalie C.

Order Contact Lenses

We know how busy life can be. Let us save you some time by fulfilling your contact lenses order online with easy pick-up at EyePRO Optometry.

Please fill out form below to order contact lenses. If your contact lens prescription is current, we will contact you to verify your order.

Please note that we recommend all contact lens wearers do an annual eye health exam before more lenses can be purchased.

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